Mt. Beautiful

Mt. Beautiful Chardonnay

With aromatics of ripe apple, stone fruits and nectarines, our Chardonnay has a creamy texture that makes it easy to drink.  Medium bodied with underlying notes of buttered brioche and nectarine confit, it finishes clean and crisp with a lover persistent flit like minerality.

For The Aficionado
Our Chardonnay is planted on the most Northern part of the vineyard and is hand-tended and hand-harvested. The clones are a mixture of French clones B 95 and 2/23 grafted into rootstock.  The vineyard is in charge of dictating the flavour profile of the Chardonnay, so far yielding flavours of peachy stone fruits and creamy almonds. The first vintage was 2013

For vintage specific tasting notes, please click link below:
2014 Mt. Beautiful Chardonnay
2015 Mt. Beautiful Chardonnay
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