Our Farms

In addition to producing world class wines, Mt. Beautiful consists of three farms. Products produced on our farms include wool targeted for Smartwool, grass fed beef for the Japanese market and high country lamb for export to America and Europe. 

Farm Locations Map Markers

"Spotswood" / Teece Family Farm


Located in Spotswood outside of Cheviot, Teece Family Farm (560 hectares, 1,384 acre) is a beef and sheep finishing farm that surrounds our vineyards. 

Caverhill Farm

Cow Ocean

Our Caverhill Farm (960 hectares, 2,300 acres) is located in Caverhill and serves as a beef and sheep breeding property. What's unique about this farm is that our namesake, Mt. Beautiful, is located on the property. From the summit breathtaking views ranging as far north as the Kaikoura Mountain range as as far south as Bates Peninsula can be enjoyed. On a good day you can see a whale out at sea. This property will eventually be used as a gateway to a variety of tourism opportunities such as jet boating on the Waiau River, quad biking and fishing to name a few. 

Esk Head Station

DSC 0322 
Esk Head is our high mountain station (15,000 hectares, 36,000 acres) located about a two hours' drive from our vineyard in Howarden. This property serves as a breeding property for cattle.