Wine, etc.: Like red, fruity wine? Here are some to discover.

Tom Marquardt And Patrick Darr

Capital Gazette,
Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr 

"Far be it from us to tell you what you should like in wine. We may be able to tell you what is a good wine, but we can’t determine what is a good wine to you.

We can tell you, for instance, many cheap, jammy and sweet wines are not good wines. But, if you like them, who are we to say you shouldn’t?

So, call us frustrated that these extracted wines are flooding the market and attracting consumers who haven’t the desire to ponder something more balanced. While serious winemakers have been refining their wines for centuries, others have come along to mask defects with a load of sugar.

We get it. There are no rules, right?"

Mt. Beautiful is proud to be one of the six "Wine Picks" Patrick and Tom noted in their article. Here's what they had to say about us:

"Mt. Beautiful Pinot Noir North Canterbury 2016 ($30). This is another notable pinot noir from New Zealand where their pinot noirs are deservedly becoming better known. Deep dark and rich black cherry flavors are dominant in this bold pinot noir. It would do well with beef dishes."

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