Mt. Beautiful

Mt. Beautiful Wines Featured in Las Vegas & Southern California Food & Beverage Professional's Magazine

Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional's Magazine, Bob Barnes

"Mt. Beautiful Wines from New Zealand

Appreciation for New Zealand wine continues to increase, and for good
reason, as the region’s maritime climate provides vineyards with extended
sunshine hours and cool night sea breezes provide a long, slow ripening period
resulting in flavor growth. A worthy example is the wines of Mt. Beautiful, a North
Canterbury winery located on the South Island of New Zealand. 100% estate
grown and certified sustainable, production is focused on Sauvignon Blanc
and Pinot Noir but also smaller quantities of Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay
and Rose are produced.

The Sauvignon Blanc pushes the boundaries of the typical New Zealand flavor
profile, highlighting tropical flavors, toning down the grassiness with a crisp
finish with bright minerality.

The Pinot Gris combines stone fruit, apples, juicy ripe pears, and a touch of
floral honey with a persistent finish.
The Chardonnay features aromatics of ripe apple, stone fruits, and nectarines,
and has a creamy texture that makes it easy to drink, with underlying notes of
buttered brioche.

Unlike some Rieslings, Mt. Beautiful’s is not overly sweet, and has dry flavors of
honeysuckle, lime and wintersweet flower and finishes with a lingering acidity.
The Pinot Noir, the personal favorite of owner David Teece, begins with
fragrances of black cherries and violets followed by a palate of ripe bramble
fruit and subtle tannins.

The traditionally made Rosé is produced from Pinot Noir juice that was pressed
off after a period of light contact and fermented in barrel and tank. The 2016
vintage boasts floral notes and intense sweet red berry aromas, and a creamy
and dry palate with hints of watermelon and pink grapefruit."

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