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The Beautiful People - Erin Harrison, Business Operations & Development Manager

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Erin is a valued member of Mt. Beautiful's New Zealand team who, among many things, is amazing at keeping our US team updated on what is going on in our vineyard, farm and tasting room.

She loves to share spontaneous and creative photos and videos of the various happenings. To name a few - our sheep getting shorn, the construction of our new lodge at Manuka Bay, a snowy scenic landscape after a storm, 1000's of sheep passing through a gate, an employee BBQ and even something as simple as a visitor to our tasting room in Cheviot.

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We wanted to get to know a little more about Erin through some Q&A, and prompted her with the following:

Hometown: Cheviot

How did you get in the wine business? Being in the right place at the right time.

Role at Mt. Beautiful:
Business Operations & Development Manager (whip cracker).

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Ideal dinner party guests:
My extended family; always a good time and it always ends in card playing and port drinking.

Favorite Mt. Beautiful wine:
Chardonnay 2015 – not released yet. Just you wait, it’s amazing.

Favorite food and wine pairing
:  Pinot Noir with kiwi lamb chops.

Favorite restaurant
: Roots, Lyttleton NZ. Closely followed by Nobu.

Favorite vacation destination:  
For a good adventure – Guatemala
For good snowboarding – Fernie, Canada
For general epicness – anywhere in the South Island of NZ

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Favorite things to do in my free time:  Catch-up with my girlfriends and drink wine.

First paid job:  
Does working on the family farm count? We were paid with food and shelter.
Otherwise, washing dishes at Magpies Rest Café in Cheviot when I was 13.

Favorite TV show:  Don’t really do TV. Too busy drinking wine.

Favorite Color:

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Don’t leave home without:
My sidekick, Murphy the Wauzer puppy.

Fun fact about you or any other information you think our readers would enjoy reading:  I’ve spent a month saving penguins in Antarctica.


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