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The Beautiful People - Caitlin Manning, Eastern US Sales Manager

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Our Eastern United States Sales Manager is Caitlin Manning.  She is originally a New England native but now enjoys living in the heart of New York City. Caitlin brings 19 years of wine industry experience to the Mt. Beautiful team and is familiar with all aspects of the industry. Before she switched to the supplier side; she was a Sales Rep for a boutique wine distributor and spent several years working in fine dining restaurants.  Here at Mt. Beautiful, she manages the sales of our wines in 15+ states and has rapidly increased the size of her territory since she came on board in March 2015.  We are so glad to have Caitlin as part of the Mt. Beautiful USA team.

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We wanted to give you a better idea of who Caitlin really is, so we asked her the following questions:

MB: Who would your ideal dinner party guests be?
Caitlin: Gwen Stefani, Leonardo DiCaprio and Elvis Presley- my dad’s idol! 

MB: What’s your favorite Mt. Beautiful wine?
Caitlin: 2013 Pinot Noir

MB: What’s your favorite food and wine pairing?
Caitlin: Sauvignon Blanc and a huge seafood tower loaded with shellfish

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MB: What is your favorite restaurant?
Caitlin: Locande Verde in Manhattan, Nobu in Malibu, and Cape Neddick Lobster Pound in Cape Neddick, Maine.

MB: What’s your favorite vacation destination?
Caitlin: The South of France

MB: What are your favorite things to do in your free time?
Caitlin: Cooking, trying new restaurants in the city, winery visits, Soul Cycle and going to the beach with my daughters and husband. I also love fashion, so I'm a big shopper.

MB: What was your first paid job?
Caitlin: A bus girl at an Italian restaurant. 

MB: What is your favorite TV show?   
Caitlin: Six Feet Under is tied with Breaking Bad for my favorite show. My guilty pleasure- The Bachelor

MB: What’s your favorite color?
Caitlin: Green

MB: What do you never leave home without?
Caitlin: iPhone and business cards

MB: What is a fun fact about you?
Caitlin: Growing up in New Hampshire I was able to meet a lot of presidents since we have the first primary. My favorite was President Ronald Reagan.  I have also met the entire cast of Entourage. 

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