Mt. Beautiful Doing its Bit for Women's Health

Here at Mt. Beautiful, we are pitching in to help support women with breast cancer. If you were to drive around our farm, you would see big rolls of pink-wrapped hay bales.

Pink Ribbon
The pink plastic-wrapped silage is in support of Sweet Louise, a foundation that supports women and families living with secondary breast cancer. The foundation receives a percentage of the cost of each roll of silage and hay wrap.

Pink Bales
Sweet Louise CEO, Fiona Hatton, said, "It looks great and it's a fun way for people to do their bit and support something really important."

Rural women suffering from breast cancer can be at a disadvantage, simply because of their location. "To get to and from their appointments can be really difficult and expensive and it's a hard-hitting reality . . . a life-changing diagnosis," said Ms. Hatton.

Sweet Louise
Agpac, the company that started the initiative, imported 3000 kilometres of pink bale wrap into New Zealand. It all sold in less than a month and we purchased a bunch of it.

Agpac’s Financial controller Stewart Turner, is thrilled with the response from agricultural contractors. "It's been an overwhelming success. People got right behind it and it's all for a good cause. Wives, women, are an important part of the business. While the blokes tend to drive their tractors, the women are also driving, doing the books, keeping the guys fed." He described the act of writing a cheque as "too easy," so the company tossed around ideas they hoped would make a bigger impact.

The pink-wrapped bales are currently being used alongside existing bailing and silage products. The change in color makes no difference - it's the same agricultural product as everything else, only pink. And it helps people.

We are happy to be doing our small part to support women with breast cancer and those who love them. If you would like to join us in supporting the Sweet Louise Foundation, click here.

Helping is a Beautiful thing.

Your Friends At Mt. Beautiful

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