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The City of San Diego, California is a vibrant city with a rich history. We are proud that you can find Mt. Beautiful wines in some of her best restaurants and stores.

San Diego is influenced heavily by American and Mexican cultures, due to its position as a border town, its large Hispanic population, and its history as part of Spanish America and Mexico. Present-day culture includes many historical and tourist attractions, a thriving musical and theatrical scene and a vibrant, diverse food scene.

The city's long history and close proximity to Mexico have endowed the area with an extensive variety of authentic Mexican restaurants. Regional homemade specialties, border fare and haute cuisine are all readily available, as well as Italian, French, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Greek, Latin, German, Indian, Central and East Asian, Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander food. Wonderful seafood restaurants and steakhouses abound as well.

Following are a few of our Beautiful San Diego restaurant and retail partners:

Tower 23 Hotel/JRDN Restaurant

Tower 23

JRDN Surf: Sky: Spirit: A contemporary steak and seafood restaurant, JRDN features casually sophisticated California cuisine for lunch, and dinner daily. Wine Director, Chris Delaney thoughtfully handpicks the wines for the restaurant’s wine list – there’s a perfect wine to pair every dish on the menu.

The look of JRDN is fresh, cool, clean and upbeat. The atmosphere transforms from California casual to West Coast hip as the day advances. Each evening, the dramatic setting sun, for which Pacific Beach is famous, is celebrated by an ambient reflection on a 70-foot long “wave wall” at the back of the restaurant. Color-changing lighting continues this theatrical effect throughout the evening.

The Harbor House

Harbor House Sd

The Harbor House opened in 1980, and serves fresh fish, shellfish, premium steaks and local draft beers.

The Harbor House offers informal dining upstairs and on the outside decks as well as tablecloth/quiet dining downstairs. Manager, Kelly Spar chooses only the best wines to compliment the all of menu items. The restaurant offers great city and harbor views. Walking distance from the San Diego Convention Center, it is an ideal spot for banquets and private events.

Baci Ristorante

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Baci Ristorante is more than San Diego’s best Italian restaurant - it’s a friendly, neighborhood gathering place, where people of various cultural and economic classes find the same comfort and pleasure. Think of it as “Cheers,” with fabulous food! Owner, Joseph Wambaugh takes pride in crafting his menus and wine list. He believes that nobody in San Diego does seafood better than Baci’s brilliant chef, Mimo.

Bine and Vine Bottle Shop

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Located in the heart of Normal Heights on Adams Avenue in central San Diego, Bine and Vine is a bottle store for craft beers, handpicked wines, artisan cider, mead and sake. Bine and Vine’s top priority is to properly store each product in the best way possible to maintain the highest quality and ensure their customers get the freshest, best tasting products possible. Their staff has over 35 years experience in the beer and wine retail profession and has tasted almost all of the in-stock items. Wine Buyer, Stephen Ansley is a “walking wine encyclopedia,” and he carefully chooses an amazing selection of wines, from hard-to-find gems to everyday value wines. There’s a wine for everyone and for every occasion at Bine and Vine Bottle Shop!

We hope you explore these wonderful venues. Stay tuned for more of our travel and restaurant tips.

Have a Beautiful day!

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