Mt. Beautiful

A Beautiful Thanksgiving

While people in the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving, we at Mt. Beautiful in New Zealand are reflecting on our year. We feel that we have a lot to be thankful for!

First off, we are extremely thankful for you - our Beautiful friends, fans and customers all over the world. Without your ongoing support, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we love – creating unique and delicious wines for the people who truly appreciate them.  



We are truly thankful for our Beautiful team. Our year-round staff members keep the ball rolling and the wine flowing and our seasonal crew provides invaluable help as well. We all work very hard and for us, it’s a labour of love.

TeeceAhalani TeamFinRwglCori And Bridget

We are thankful for our Beautiful vineyards and the grapes that are nurtured therein. The unique terroir of our property consistently provides us with excellent, trend-setting, stylistic wines. 

Vineyard2Grapes1Vineyard SnowVineyard 3

We are thankful for the all of the Beautiful reviews and scores that our wines have been given throughout the years. Our gratitude goes out to The Wine Spectator, The Wine Enthusiast, The Dallas Morning News and many more.       


We raise our glasses of Mt. Beautiful wine and share the Maori toast, “Kia Ora,” with you, which means “to your health”. We wish you all a happy, safe, delicious Thanksgiving, filled with love, light and laughter.

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