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Vineyard Update from our Vineyard Manager, Fin Grieve. 

“The Gumboot Harvest”

“Well we are at the end of a very challenging vintage! Although we were well prepared in the vineyard, we weren’t prepared for the effects of cyclone Ita!

Our harvest started on the 21st March with our first hand pick of Pinot Noir which was also the first harvest of our new 943 clone, this was about 10 days earlier than last year. This was also ahead of our Sauvignon Blanc, mainly due to having our vines at 1 bunch a shoot.

The thing about starting early is that everything else comes early and the weather is no exception! The warm weather disappeared and we waited for our fruit to reach optimum maturity picking selectively as it reached our goals, and then the rain came! We had almost 25% of our annual rainfall in 10 days so it was a mad scramble by all to bring what fruit we had left out in the vineyard in, luckily most of our hand-picked fruit was already harvested.

The rain and conditions meant that disease became an issue, however the whole team in the vineyard and the winery performed miracles and worked incredible hours to ensure that we got everything we could in good condition. This has been our biggest harvest to date and the fruit is looking good in the tanks.

Although a challenging end to the season it showed us how team work, resilience, and good communication can overcome the odds, and although for me this will be remembered as the gumboot harvest, the wines from it will be typically wonderful Mt Beautiful.“

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