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News From The Vine 

Vineyard Update from our Vineyard Manager, Fin Grieve. 

"Well the nets are on, the vines have been trimmed and leaves plucked, and the weather has been hot and dry, perfect for ripening.

This year the vineyard has produced its biggest crop ever so we have been busy thinning the vines to give us a cropping level that will give us the quality that we are after. Almost all of our hand-picked varieties and clones have been thinned to one bunch a shoot which is both a viticultural and Winemaker's dream, as we can be certain of an evenness in ripeness. The fruit is looking fantastic!

We are about 2 weeks ahead of last year which means harvest is approaching quickly - only 2 weeks away now! All is not in the bag yet though as we are currently under a low pressure system which has been producing thunderstorms, lightning, gale force winds, snow and hail. So far we are surviving and are hopeful of a return to normal sunny weather, fingers crossed!"

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